My Black Book

I have found that as I write my doubts, my fears, my questions, and my negative thoughts in my Black Book, I make room in my mind for the positive thoughts.  I have also learned that negative thoughts and their sources do not respect my free will.  Likewise, positive thoughts and their source will not impose themselves upon my free will, but rather, will await an invitation from me.

As I have trained and worked as a professional mentor, I have found that venting is a devious and destructive practice imposed upon women to justify gossip and defamation of character.  I have also found that the fastest way to help a woman release the stress of life and health which is so often dominating of female conversations, is to have her write down what she is thinking and begin to recognize the thoughts she is allowing to coexist in her mind.

What I have found is a plethora of negative thoughts, questions, fears and doubts.  If one is honest, one will be able to trace a moment when there is an increase in the number of those thoughts, to following moment when a tragic event, accident and a mistake dashes ones hopes and dreams.  Doubts, fears, questions and negative thoughts attract tragedy.

In my professional training and work, as well as my personal experience, I have learned that I must find healthy ways to acknowledge and release the negative thoughts spewed upon me, both the unbidden and uninvited.  I learned that my diagnosis, (the label doctors put on me), was not a death sentence as they had said, but rather an excuse for the unhealthy suppression of negative energy into my subconscious.

As I release the negative, foreign energy, I have found that my body has rejected the doctors label.  I have, instead, found greater stamina and strength.  I no longer need to harbor fat to hide suppressed emotions.  I no longer have thoughts eating at me from the inside out.  My training and experience has shown me how to be healthy and happy without drugs or medication.

I have three friends who taught me about this very important principle.

My first friend who taught me to understand what was wrong with suppressing negative energy into my subconscious was a woman who was the mother of some cousins of my brother in law.  She shared with me information about what it means to be an enabler and a codependent weakling.

My second friend shocked me by telling me that she was not responsible for her husband’s pain and misery.  The freedom she gave him allowed him to overcome a brain tumor and live a long, though miserable life. And her life was one of joy and comfort because she did not allow his misery to pull her down.

She found the key to good health was to speak or express the distress of the negative energy he sent her way.  She never embraced it.  She released it and allowed her body to be free of his burdens. By doing so, she overcame her own death sentence from the medical community.  (The difference between distress and stress is a lesson for another day).

My third friend lifted me up to a level of life I had not before experienced.  He showed me how to help myself release the negative thoughts through writing.  Then he taught me to fill my mind and heart with the positive thoughts, dreams, aspirations and mission service I longed for.

As I learned to acknowledge the negative thoughts which poured my way, I found that acknowledging those thoughts gave their source, the being who was creating them outside my body and sending them into my brain for acknowledgment, no longer had power over me.  By listing them, assigning each thought a number, they no longer needed my body to validate them.

And since I had listed these dark, uninvited thoughts in my black book, I was able to teach my mind and my family that this was a place to never dwell, read or visit.  This list was the end of these thoughts. Black Book

And they were no longer able to violate my free will.

Then, I had room in my brain to receive thoughts that I invited from the Holy Spirit for my own good.  How grateful I am for those thoughts.  They make me stronger in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When you learn how to shift the distress in your body to useful stress, you can release it through healthy stress release techniques which allow you loose weight and restore health to your body.  Strength comes from the morphing distress into healthy stress and releasing it in ways that strengthen the body and the spirit.

May you be blessed to find the same strength in your life.





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