Quantum Mechanics and the Real World

To my mind, there is something special about being human that speaks to the existence of humanity. Homo sapiens are the only of anything which has the ability to create from our imaginations.  And this ability is a key factor in understanding quantum mechanics.  In fact, quantum mechanics appears to me, by its very existence, to say that all of the earth was created for the very purpose being a cradle for human life.


In the book, “the Tipping Point”, we find ourselves briefly introduced to the ‘channel capacity’ of the brain.  It points to the fact that the brain is capable of only 6 channels before it becomes completely confused.  If it stays with 5 channels, then the brain is able to clearly differentiate between the 5.  In my own experience, if the 6th channel is a self-description, then all six channels remain clearly defined.  I have a mathematical model in my brain which I need help expressing which brings this number six into direct relationship with how we function in the world.  And it allows the brain to give stable predictions to out come in the world.

In string theory, which is part of the world of Quantum Mechanics, there is a pattern of 5 base theories of strings.

“Five consistent versions of superstring theory were developed before it was conjectured in the mid-1990s that they were all different limiting cases of a single theory in eleven dimensions known as M-theory.”

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Nothing has changed, in that part of string theory, for more than 20 years as those studying string theory appear to have come to a crux point.  I felt in the moment I saw this crux point, a few years before 2010, when I was working as the Science Specialist for Summit Academy where I trained elementary and middle school teachers to embrace their own strengths in science, a connection between those equations, with their missing 6th equation, and the number 6 in my own research of human relations.  What I have learned suggests that if the individual observing the other 5 strings in play, allowed themselves to be the sixth equation in a group of six, then the other five equations would easily unify, creating their own unique and somewhat unpredictable unit with an over arching, very predictable theory for their group.

It is the “channel capacity’ of the brain which points us in this direction.  The sixth one, which might be the 6th note added to a group of six notes, which are very different to each other.  Set in a high or low pitch as a group, they remain unique.  Their pitch of high or low is defined by the individual making the observation ( or in other words, standing anchored in classical physics.)  When the 6th one is able to then created by the observer, it becomes whatever the observer can imagine.  Since the 6th one is really the first one, my theory is that each of us is the anchor in our own created reality.  That is the place where the imagination begins and all creation begins.  We will always populate the first point by where we are and populate the other 5 points by what we want to create. This fits the pattern of the “channel capacity” of the brain.

The next principle which builds on “the channel principle” is ‘the law of 150’.  If one thinks about that law in loose terms, one can see that 150 is 6 groups of 25 which is created from 4 groups of 6 with one person to act as head which gives the entire body of the factory a governing body of 6.  The four groups of six, whether in a family, business/factory or government, loosely cover the areas of Research, Design, Manufacturing and Sales.  Malcolm Gladwell makes this very clear in the way he describes the operations of the Gore Tex company in Delaware and Maryland.

For the fun of it, in such a context, one would expect that like the human body, there will come a time when that single lone company, still functioning in such an optimal way, will find a similarly functioning company operating in a ‘polarly’ different optimal way and they will create an independent and unique company following the principle of ‘the law of 150’.

I would propose that the patterns we are developing in business and government and the home will gradually begin to mimic the patterns of the body.  What was once ridiculed as ‘Sacred Geometry’ holds in its theorems the patterns of the universe, human relations and healthy human bodies.  My focus right now is to answer the biggest question Malcolm Gladwell put forth in 2000, “How do we find Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen?”   With a resounding cry of “I know how”!    However, because I am a connector, it is difficult for me to make it simple enough to put it into words.  And that has been my work for the past 4 years.

Everything about the genus, Homo sapiens, cries out that there is manifested in the human body the very structure of the universe.  Vice Versa may well be true.  As I have studied how theorems are resolved in the human body and in life, I have come to see that we are learning about a multi-faceted set of at least 3 intertwined Spheres created of many facets of varying worth.  And I understand most all the facets.  I even have an understanding of the prime number facets and how they play their part or role.  And in understanding these things, I see once again that there is, manifested in the very existence of Homo sapiens, something extra special and very purposeful in its existence.


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