Why should I vote? Why does my vote matter?

I write this in hope you will find some support in my words that you will vote in the upcoming election.  I hope you will believe that it is worth voting for someone who will not inevitably win.  I hope you will vote.  Believe your choice to vote for an alternative candidate, whoever it is, will be the way that you will show that you believe there is a better way than the leading candidates believe we must live.   Each voice that says so means that there is a better way.  Each vote is a way to visualize a better world.  And eventually, one small step; one line upon line, we will find it.

  1. A few days ago I wrote about a possible outcome for the 2016 election which involved a split of the electoral college and the opportunity for the House of Representatives to choose who will be president of the United States.
  2. This could be seen as a ridiculous, dreamy impossibility except that I believe in Everett’s Many Worlds Interpretation and Hawking’s statement “One can think of ordinary, real time as a horizontal line. On the left, one has the past and on the right, the future. But there’s another kind of time in the vertical direction.  This is called imaginary time, because it is not the kind of time we normally experience.  But in a sense it is just as real, as what we call real time.” However, I believe, as Rob Bryanton does, that these statements about time and worlds are true in the fifth dimension (min 48:25 – 55:20).
  3. I am not a physicist. However, I love physics and geometry.  I believe that the reality of life is that we fold time with every choice we make.  We can suspend ourselves in time by not releasing our past (creating physical, mental and emotional instability).
  4. I believe that we can create unimaginable outcomes by our choices.
  5. We see that in horror films and nightmarish futuristic interpretations of various Sci Fi movies. What we do not see enough of is how our present in its amazing stability exists because of the hopes for a better world created by those who made choices that created outcomes previously unimagined.
  6. I could go through multiple examples of this in the past 2000 years. One is the story of Joan of Arc which I discussed in this prior blog entry
  7. I believe that this election, like all past elections are a big deal. And it matters on every level.  Even the tiniest voice will make a difference.  Even if the outcome seems inevitable, if just enough course change is made now, like a ship on an open sea of endless possibilities, that slight course correction will become a huge shift only hours later.
  8. An even better example is the choice of a pilot to course correct the direction of his plane, or better yet, his space craft. Without that tiny course correction to match the earth’s curvature, an airplane flying in a straight line could leave the atmosphere of the earth.  Without constant course correction for all kinds of events, a space craft would miss its destination.
  9. The tiniest course correction can shift the largest ship. Every person who acts upon their free will makes tiny course shifts for this whole world.
  10. I believe that those tiny course corrections are most powerful when they are made based upon the belief that free will must be used with ethical, moral and legal boundaries. This is one reason why I have found Atheists to be some of the best and most powerful people on the earth.  They feel that all good must be created by them.  It is a good way for all of us to consider our actions.  It must be tempered by a practical view that we are mortal and live in a world of some limitation.  The belief that we can succeed because of those very limitations is the most amazing miracle of all.

So, I cry out in the loudest voice I can and say, “Please Vote!”  Your voice and how you choose to live has meaning.


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