In Answer to Mr. Comegna of Cato Institute

    1. I think Comegna  has made some very valuable points.  If you have not listened to his podcast on Cato Institute, you should take 5 minutes and do so.
    2. I have listed here my basic thoughts on how to answer Mr. Comegna’s opinion of our current election and where our nation is headed.  I think he has not considered all that is happening carefully enough.  I also think that he is in a position of blindness because he is a committed party man.  I think we need to seriously consider another way of seeing things.
    3. The current revolution is about the monopoly of an increasingly over-sized government that is striving to replace several institutions of society with the one model which says that ‘government knows best’.  Mr. Comegna mistakenly thinks, as a Libertarian might, that the current revolution is about the monopoly of the two party system.
    4. He thinks that the young people are not loyal to the two party system and never will be.
    5. I suggest that while it may be true that what we are seeing is the rise of the popular vote because nearly every voterno longer feels loyal to any party.  I suggest that eventually, there will be alignment.  However, alignment to any party system will only occur when the major parties and government understand what the real issue is. And it is not the party system.
    6. I suggest that the internet has changed the game of politics in every nation of the world so radically that, first here in the United States of America, then eventually around the world, individuals will establish more securely the rights of the individual.
    7. The danger should be seen not to the two party system which is a much slower way of getting things done than say England, Japan or Europe’s multiparty system and faster than Russia and China’s one party system.
    8. The danger is that we totally disrupt the government to the point that it does not even resemble current constitutional
    9. The pundits may say that we need to rewrite the US Constitution.  However, we need to consider that it has held us together as a nation longer than any other governing structure.
    10. If the US Constitution, as it stands, weathers this storm, the USA will have accomplished something no nation has done since the flood of Noah, which is, remain under one type of government longer than any other government.
    11. By Utah and New Mexico, perhaps even other states, giving their vote to someone other than one of the two party leading candidates, the Electoral College can be split.  If we can split thecandidate votes to the point that no one party will have a majority, it will be in the hands of the Governors, State Party Leaders, Senators and Representatives to come to a compromise among themselves in the Electoral College.
    12. From this will spring a government that will not please anyone.  The question will then be, can the man chosen, do as General George Washington, without bringing favor to himself, lead the various factions to unity.  Washington had to hold together a nation that was very uncomfortable with each other.  He succeeded long before the Continental Congress of 1787 which created our constitution with him sitting as the president of that congress.
    13. The missing link we are currently facing in our society, government and personal relationships is the recognition that each of them has a balancing role to the others.  When one (of those three legs of society) tries to take over the roles of the other two legs, society crumbles.
    14. Our world is in a vast and unique experimentof governing.  It is being played out in the experimental governing of the United States of America.  At various stages, the government of the USA has taken a different stance about governmental controls.   Currently, the government is trying to say that only the governing class of people (bureaucrats) are the ones to best decide, according to their opinion, how each business and individual should live.  This is very much like plantation law of slavery.
    15. In doing so, it has brought our nation to the brink of another civil war.  Can we return to the perfect balance of the original constitution without all the drag of regulation and stipulation?  Can we return our society to a balance of rights for the three necessary parts of society?
    16. Those essential legs are Individual Law, Commerce Law and Governing Laws. I have more to say on this matter in another blog.
    17. We are faced with a unique process of being able to revolutionize the government which currently so strongly dictates our lives.  We have the opportunity to refuse the monopoly of a government which so completely denies the rights of the business community and the individual relations that we all treasure. The LGBTQIAPK community is only beginning to learn this reality.  The Black communities are finally waking up to this reality.  What they thought was a protective shelter of government is no less of a merciless dictator than any other single group.  In order for any life to matter we must show that it takes three balanced areas of self-governing.  No one part of society can be the only governing body.  Because in doing so, we cause society to teeter on only one leg and eventually collapse into chaos and civil nothingness.
    18. When we keep a healthy balance between the three regulatory groups of Individual Law (i.e. families, communes, co-ops, common law, etc.), Commerce Law (business, professionals, societies, clubs, institutions, etc.), and Governing Law (lawful structures of regulation), we will have a balanced, stable society.
    19. If one of these three groups tries to take over the government of the people and discredit the other two sets of Law, then we will have a type of slavery has had many names through the ages.  Ancient Greece and Socialism/Communism (and all other variations) tried to make the individual as the ruler; Russia, the Middle East and Europe gave us the experience of a class of people who controlled all commerce and wealth; Ancient Egypt and China found a way to make the eunuchs/priests into a ruling class of law makers and breakers.  Each of these devolved into a perverted form of governing that neglected the other two legs of a stable society.  None of them have lasted as long as the United States of America. (If you want to argue Ancient Egypt or China, you must realize that no one governing family/dynasty lasted as long as the US Constitution has).
    20. The U S Constitution is the first real effort in recorded history to balance all three legs that has been able to stand the test of time.  The closest we see to this is the Roman government before the rule of the Roman Emperors and that did not last even as long as the United States of America has.  In the President, the governing laws and their enforcers are given a voice.  In the Legislature, the Institutions Of Commerce and their Laws are given a voice.  In the Judicial System, the individual is given a voice and the ability to self-govern. Each must work within the bounds of the other two structures of law for society to be stable.
    21. Now, we are finally in the last great revolution. The revolution is to free the individual from the slavery. To show that every life matters.  It is to establish that government and society cannot exist without independence of the individual with choice.  They exist only because the individual chooses to put them into place to create and maintain a society. We are creatures of society by nature.  Society exists to support the structures of individual life (i.e. families, communes, co-ops, common law, etc).
    22. Let us pray that we will as individuals choose to put in place a societal structure that reflects the perfect balance of the United States Constitution. Never before has the Individual been given such a voice and a power to use it.  Choose to use it by voting.  Look at every possible candidate.  Look here to discover who best represents you.

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