Disruption is a Choice

In every life, we choose.

What we choose determines what life will bring us.

If we choose to make life easy on ourselves, what is the natural consequence?

Let’s look as some examples:

If we choose to stay up late (‘easy’) because we find it easier to get things done after dark, we then must deal throughout the next day with the need for sleep.  If not managed properly with great discipline (hard work), the consequences are slow reflexes, causing accidents, bodily injury and miscalculations in action, word and thought, (hard work). The hard work is described by NASA scientists.  If you choose to sleep less than you need: 1. Take the time period you did sleep, divide it by 2.  2. Determine the middle hour of your sleeping period  (i.e. 12 to 4 AM = 2 AM)  3. 12 hours from the middle hour of your

If we choose to eat processed food, we lose the choice to control the substances we expose our bodies to. (Easy way to live – Harsh consequence of poor health from imbalances we are not aware of because we do not know the interaction of our substance intake, exercise and sleep)

If we choose to hover helicopter our employees, children or peers (hard work) instead of allowing them to learn from our mentoring and our own personal discipline (hard work), then  we spend our time always rescuing them instead of enjoying the fruitful rewards of our mentoring and personal discipline as they become mentors and self-disciplined.

When we are told the lie that life should be easy, we should remember that it is hard work that makes life ‘easy’.

This blog touches briefly on the reasons for disruption.  I refer you to other sources in Whitney Johnson’s Blog and Clayton Christensen’s Blog.  Watch for a upcoming blog on how to see the perfect balance of law.


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